Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Week 9

This week we had to animate our walks that we recorded in 2D and 3D.

This is my walk in 2D

The problems with this are:
- I think i could have exagerated the movements more to make the character look more happy.
- The arms change length during the animation
- The volume of the left leg is a bit inconsistant
- Could have been better with more squash and stretch.

What went well is:
- The timing of the walk is good.
- The movement of the arms are more flowing than previous animations.
- You can see the bend in the feet as the character picks it up alot more clearly in this walk.
- There is no limp in the walk
- The character does have a bounce in its walk and it is quite quick which shows a happy emotion.

This is my 3D walk

The problems with this are:
- The timing is a little bit too fast.
- The bounce in the characters walk looks a bit mechanical and should have been more flowing.
- The arms look a little mechanical as well.

What went well is:
- I think the movements of the legs and feet worked well apart from the right foot looks a bit strange when it makes contact with the floor as the foot bounces slightly.
- I think the twist in the characters body as it walks looks good.
- The bounce in the characters walk does show a happy emotion.

Life drawing

In this life drawing lesson we did a series of quick poses. I think that i have improved in my proportions of the figure over the weeks but now need to improve on the weight of the figures in my drawings.

week 8

Next stage in drawing walk cycles and this week we had to add emotion to our walks. I decided to make mine creep.

I think this walk is a lot better than my previous walk.

The things that went well are:
- The timing of the walk
- I also remembered to straighten out the leg before it made contact with the floor.
- I think the volume of this character is pretty consistant.

The problems with it are:
- I didn't make the character squash and stretch at the passing points so he is always at the same height which i'm not sure whether it looks right or not.
- The arms movements are not exactly right either as they flick instead of flow through the movement.

In 3D we had to make the character walk on the spot.

The movement of this walk didn't go very well as the character looks like its limping as one leg is faster than the other. Also the arms in the walk don't move all the way back. The whole of this walk looks very robotic.

I then went on to try a creeping walk instead and this is my outcome

Again i have a problem with one of the legs being faster than the other but i think this walk is alot more effective. Also by watching it i notice that the left foot never goes flat like the right it always stays in the same position which i should have improved on.

Life Drawing

in life drawing class this week we had to film ourselves doing a walk that had some emotion. I decided to do a happy walk.

I wasn't sure whether this walk looked very happy but it will help me with my animation as i can see how the body moves throughout the walk.

In the lesson after we recorded our walk we didn't have a model so instead we drew each other in the class these are the drawings i came out with.