Friday, 4 December 2009

Experimental Finished

Working on this project was very enjoyable to begin with as i had never done anything this experimental before on this course and it was fun to use different mediums than just using pencil and paper. It was also a nice change to animate to music instead of someone talking and it taught me a lot about timing and i liked the freedom we had with this project as we could do anything we wanted . I do feel howver that i wasn't as enthusiastic and into the project as much towards the end because of the other project. Which is a shame but felt i did a good job and the animation fits to the music really well which is what i was impressed at the most.

I have to say my favorite part of the animation is the beginning half till the orange wave that i made in pastel as this part worked best to the music and was really bright with the colours and stood out. I especially like the first section of the animation with the circles as it worked great to the music. The rest of the animation got too fast and i think this was because the music gets quicker at this point and i did want the animation to get quicker but feel it gets too busy though think it still works. The other problem is that the next pieces of animation aren't as bold in colour specially the two people jumping but that was because of the medium as chalk isn't really that bold in the first place. The next part that i feel doesn't stand out is the squares as the line is very thin and should have been thicker to be bolder. To improve the animation i would have changed these aspects and made sure that the whole of the animation works and not just part of it. This would also have been because i did the animation in sections which did work to begin with but felt i spent more time on it where towards the end it was more rushed and i think you can notice this at points. i don't really think the triangle part of the animation works as well because they just appear instead of like everything else in the animation gradually appearing which makes them smoother. I also feel that the second half of the animation was harder to animate as the music did get quicker and more complicated which is why i think the beginning works so well because there are only drums in the music. Apart from that i do feel the animation fits the music really well and i am pleased with the result though i think i could have improved it if i had more time.

From this project i have learnt i need to organise my time better and not leave parts of the animation till the last week as it shows in the final animation. Though i did lose interest in the project towards the end i did find it refreshing to do an experimental animation and use different mediums. I think it would be a good idea to mix different mediums in my future animations as it would make the animation more unique in style and interesting to watch. I think this project has shown me the importance of timing and i have learnt a lot from doing it so will take what i have learnt onto my future projects as i know i have problems with timing.