Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Scene 2 Part 1 Shot 7

still need to work on this shot as the piano needs to wobble a bit more i think as now i can't see it but not as much as i did before. And im not sure whether diederich's movements are alright either =/

adjusted the movements of the piano in this one and diederich's left arm still not sure about her right arm though

Scene 2 Part 1 Shot 1

Tilted the head down a little for this one.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Progress with work on Timmy's Gift

I've found working on this project very useful so far and things i have learnt are that you can add the smallest movements to an animation to improve it. I've also learnt to check that props are right before i start animating!! haha as i had a slight problem with shots 19 and 21 as i discovered while i was animating the clipboard was backwards and the clip had somehow distorted so had to fix this but almost didn't notice. I feel my movements in my animations have become more flowing instead of always looking robotic. I find cherie's comments on the animations i do very useful as most of the time i don't notice things and can't think how to improve it and most of the time it can be very obvious solutions to improve it so this has helped. I've also made a plan for the holiday where i should have all the shots i was given done with time to spare for other work =D

Scene 1 Shot 21

Scene 1 shot 19

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Friday, 19 March 2010

Scene 1 Shot 10

1st Attempt

2nd Attempt

3rd attempt

4th attempt

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Year 3 Project

I have been assigned to work on Cherie Hague's project Timmy's Gift as an assitant animator. I am looking forward to working on this project as the work she has done so far is amazing and it will give me an insight into what is going to happen next year when im making my third year film. Im glad i got the job of assitant animator as well as i think it will really help me think about what i enjoy doing the most in animation, as i haven't animated in a while because of the pre production project. To start off with she gave us the rigs to play around with to see if there were any problems and make some test animations. Here are my tests i made while playing around with the rigs.

From doing these tests i have discovered my animating skills have gotten rusty so definately need to spend time on this project making sure i get the movements right and not looking robotic!

After i showed her the tests i made she gave a list of the shots she wants animated and a copy of her storyboard.

Pre Production Design Bible

Pre production design bible finished!! and im quite happy with the end result what i like more is that i personally can see improvement in my design work. I've found it a good experience doing this project as it made me realise that i really enjoy the pre production side of animation as well as the production side of things so it has given me things to think about. I have to say i enjoyed designing the characters more than designing environments which is probrably because i don't tend to draw landscapes or environments in general so felt i wasn't as strong in this area. Because of this i feel i need to practise drawing environments to improve my designs in the future. I also need to practise drawing characters faces at different angles as i found that a challenge in this project. I feel the research helped me with this project in designing the environments and characters. I do feel however that i should have spent more time on the doctor like i have said before im still not really happy with him and feel he is the weakest of my characters. I think this is because i couldn't really get the thought of the actual doctor who out of my head so it was hard to design him.

These are a few pages from my design bible.

Concept work

Character Turnarounds

These are the character turnarounds that i produced for each of my characters. I tried to show their personality in the poses in the turnarounds instead of them just standing straight and boring.

I still need to work on getting the characters to look the same at different angles. I think the strongest of my characters are rose and reinette young/ old as i feel they have the most character and i really enjoyed designing them. The doctor i found extremely difficult and if i had the chance to do the project again i would change him. I feel he didn't turn out the way i wanted but found it hard to think of how to improve him.

Environment Ideas

For my concept work i have decided to use these locations from the script.

The palace of Versailles EXT.
Space EXT.
Spaceship INT.
Reinette's room younger and Reinette's room older.

I started off by sketching out some rough layouts of the environments and designs for the spaceship.

These are the final layouts for my environments.