Thursday, 9 December 2010

Concept,Frankie,Props Page, Animatic Sound

Other bits and bobs i did for the hand in. I worked on a concept and a couple of images of Frankie and set up a page and coloured a few of the sketches for the props. Me and Jenny both collected sound effects for the animatic and then I added the sound to the animatic. We have both discussed what kind of music we think would suit the animation and thought that something in the style of the music in Coraline would suit well such as this piece but without the singing and not to scary sounding.


I was then put in charge of sorting out the storyboard ready for the hand in. By doing this i could try to think of other ways of shooting a scene as Jenny had already been working on the animatic. Jenny gave me her script which i then drew from. She had written it quite clear so it wasn't hard to imagine what the shot would be like but some shots were quite similar because of this but I tried to add in a few of my own ideas. I did keep the way she shot the trap as i thought it worked well as it was. I drew out my version of the storyboard and then we compared my storyboard and jenny's animatic and decided which shots worked better and i changed it. The main part that changed from mine was the work bench scene (with the jack-in-the-box)where we felt jenny's was shot better. After drawing out the storyboard i then added some shading and here it is:

Frankie Turnaround

Jenny wanted me to adjust frankie's turnaround so that Nigel could then start modelling. She wanted him to have more of a hunched back and also wanted turnarounds with him wearing a coat and without his pinney.

textured models

After Modelling and UV unwrapping I then went on to roughly texture the models for the render shot.