Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Im really happy with how my ident turned out and i liked the reaction people gave it as they laughed which was what i wanted.

What went well:
- the music goes well with the walk as it is very upbeat. and the spacey music at the end i think works well as it is modern comparison to the walking music.
- the character looks jolly as he is walking which is what i wanted.
- I think the spotlight works well as it draws your eye to whats happening.

What didn't go well:
- i think the sounds that were made when the character crashes and falls still don't sound right.
- The shadows casting in the scene are a bit all over the place.
- the character does sink into the floor when he falls which you can't really see so its not so bad.

I am glad that i decided to make my ident in 3d as i learnt a lot from making it and i will remember the skills that i learned alot better.

Production storyboard, Animatic, Block Through

Production storyboard

This is the animatic. I found it hard to work out the timing with the animatic and found it easier with the block through, so this is just a rough estimate of the timing.

This is the blockthrough for my ident. I think the timing for this works as there is enough time for the character to walk in, the camera to go off screen and the chew tv logo to appear.

Ident Environment

These are some images i found on the internet that i used as inspiration for the environment of my ident. I want it to be in the style of an old fashioned town street.

These are the intial ideas i had for my environment. I want to keep it quite simple as you will not really see much of the environment and the ident is too short for it too be complicated.

This is a more detailed image of how i wanted the environment to look.

This is how the environment looks when i modeled it in maya and added the textures to it.

And this is how the environment looks like when i added the lighting to it. At first i was only going to add light to the street lights in the scene. But then i decided to add a spotlight to follow the character to make it look more theatrical.