Thursday, 25 November 2010

Saturday, 20 November 2010

The Little Helper Modeling Props

So i am now working together with jenny on her project The Little Helper and the first job she gave me was to model some props and UV map them along the way. Modeling isn't my strong point has to be said as i haven't had much practise but as i was modeling the props i was getting the hang of things again also she didn't want them too detailed as they were going to be small props in the animation so they were good to start me off with. I definitely prefer modeling than UV mapping. UV mapping on the other hand i don't think i'll ever get the hang of but i got there haha. Here are the props that i modeled:

Sunday, 7 November 2010

The Pitch

So the pitch is over and done with Yaaaay. Was extremely nervous for the pitch and again like the last pitch i don't really remember what happened when i was up there but hopefully my idea came across. They felt that my story still needs developing as there are parts where they got confused but felt that it looks like an entertaining piece. I feel i still need to work on my presenting skills and don't really feel i was prepared enough for this pitch as i didn't leave enough time to practise and was more focused on getting all the work ready for my mini bible and to show at my pitch.

Honestly i feel my idea is a little on the impossible side at the mo as its only me in a team and i really want to focus on animating but really wanted to pitch my idea anyways as i wanted to see what people thought so i could possibly make it in the future. I would love to make it but only if i had more people. I have said to jenny that i would like to work on hers if it goes through as i really like her idea and she has worked really hard on it so far and it looks really good what shes done so far modeling wise. If that doesn't work out hopefully i can grovel to some over people to let me animate on their projects haha.

Mini Bible

Before the pitch i went to talk to Derek to help me with what to say at my pitch and he suggested that Iris shouldn't be in military clothes as that would give it away. But i do have a picture of her in military clothes in one of the images in the album so hopefully that would show the audience who she is then. Here is my mini bible for my pitch.

forgot turnarounds

I also drew out turnarounds for my characters.

Photo Album

These are the embarrassing pictures of Ernie that i drew to go inside the photo album

Story Change/ Iris Change

I then showed the work i had done so far to Andy and Derek at a production meeting and Derek suggested that i have Iris use the traps against each other. They also suggested that Iris could also be an old war veteran istead of just being an ordinary old granny. So then i went on to change Iris and gave her a military outfit I also drew out some more concepts.


I then drew out some concepts showing the traps that will be in the animation.


i then drew out my backgrounds and added colour to a couple of them to get an idea of what it would look like. I do feel however that the desk image of the inside of the house looks a bit too modern for an old man to be living in so may change this. I wanted the colour scheme to be very bright and simple in style.

Major blogging time

SOoooooo i got a bit behind on the blogging......... so now time for a big update. Last time i blogged i had got my characters designed and sorted out a rough story. After this i decided as im not very good at drawing backgrounds and getting the perspective right i decided to make a very rough model for the set of my animation. This will also help me work out where everything will be. Here are some images i got from the model.