Sunday, 25 April 2010

negotiated brief

Before i started to think about my own idea i had a look at some backgrounds from other films on that animation background blog to get some inspiration.

101 Dalmatians
I like the style of these backgrounds, the outline is the most detailed aspect and the colour is very rough and simple.

Beauty and the Beast
The first background shows so much depth it makes you believe that the castle is huge. I love the camera angle in the second background as it makes you feel very small and again making the castle feel huge. I like the colour use as well as the red colour of the carpet stands out from the blue/green walls drawing your eye to it.

Again i like the colours used in these backgrounds they really create an atmosphere for the films. I like the contrast of the red and blue in the first image.

Sleeping Beauty
These two backgrounds show the same castle but in completly different moods one calm the other dark and scary. Its interesting to compare and see how they have made the castle look dark.

What's Opera Doc
I love the style of the backgrounds for this animation its very stylized and the pink in contrast with the blue pops out and makes it a lot more eye catching.

From looking at these backgrounds i can see that colour is a very important aspect of making an effective backgound so will have to look at what colours compliment each other when making my own.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Back for summer terrrm!!

ok so plan is to be organized and to actually stick to it!!! SO... so far i have been making a list of the projects we have to work on this term.

One! the negotiated brief when first thinking about this i kept changing my mind on what i wanted to do but finally decided to work on backgrounds. I decided this because i have been working on animating shots for Cherie's project (which i got done before the end of hols Yay!) and felt i learnt more about animating by doing that and felt i needed to learn more in the pre production area as i am also interested in this aspect of animation. I feel backgrounds are my weakest point and by designing backgrounds i will hopefully also be able to learn and improve painting/drawing skills, effective use of colour and effective camera angles. We pitched our idea and kathy suggested i think of my own story and create backgrounds for this. I would have to create a rough storyboard for this and possibly some rough characters.

Two! Animation Technology, I found the lectures interesting as i didn't realise how far back you could see the influences for the computer and looking at the development of the technology. For this we will have to produce an essay!! O.O to look at the history of a certain technology that assists animation and plans for it in the future.

Three! Post Production, found this lecture amusing and learnt how sound and voice actors are used in animation. For next week we have to edit a sound clip in Sound Booth so that the dialogue that is being said flows correctly. This will be useful as i haven't used the software in a while so will refresh my memory of how to use it.

Four! Animation Development, Where we will have to think of our own ideas and make a design bible and pitch the idea to someone from the industry. we will also have to make a storyboard and animatic so alot of work!! but im excited to do it as i really enjoy working on things that are my own idea and hopefully will think of an idea which will get me really excited to work on so i will produce better work and be more confident when it comes to the pitch =)

Finally! Dissertation Proposal, I feel pretty confident with this as i know my argument already and i have enjoyed researching the topic so far. My topic is: Why do audiences empathize or relate more to non-human creatures or caricatured humans more than realistic looking humans.

So it is going to be a busy term! but hopefully i can be a lot more organized and not stay on the beach too much O=)

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Scene 3 shot 15

Scne 2 Part 3 Shot 2

gave the clipboard lesss movement in this shot

Scene 2 Part 2 Shot 7 continued

constrained both hands to the clipboard with this one. 

Scene 2 Part 2 Shot 1 continued

have given Diederich less movement in this one. Also its longer as i forgot to check the time for the shot 

turned diederich's head towards timmy more in this shot

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Scene 2 Part 2 Shot 7

Scene 2 Part 2 Shot 1

not sure about diederich's movement in this and whether its too much =/

Friday, 2 April 2010

Scene 1 Shot 7

still not sure about this shot =/

made the left arm bit quicker in this one so his arms are up for longer.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Scene 1 Shot 3

Did add a blink but you can't see it in this playblast so heres a zoomed in one.