Wednesday, 17 February 2010


I started off by designing my doctor character as he is the main character and i thought he would be the most difficult.

i started off by collecting some images of what i wanted him to look like.

I then made a brain storm of what i wanted his personality to be to help me when designing him.

I then went on to sketching out some ideas for my doctor. I Found designing the doctor very difficult as i couldn't really imagine what he would look like in my head without thinking about the actual doctor who character. I didn't want him to look good looking but not ugly either.

These are the character sheets i produced for my doctor character. I found this a challenge as i found it difficult to draw him with different expressions and at different angles but still look the same.

This is the doctor in the style that i want for my design. I think i need to make the line more sketchy but other than that i like the textures and colour i used. I think out of all the characters i designed the doctor needs the most improvement as i think he is dull. However im not really sure how to improve him without making him look worse apart from starting from scratch.

Then i went on to designing the doctors assistant rose.

I wanted Rose to be the opposite to reinette so that it would make it more interesting. I think she works better than the doctor because i think the way she looks has more personality. I do however feel that her facial features need improving as i think they need to be more expressive.

Here's reinette.

Reinette is my favorite character as i think she is the most successful especially the younger one as i think she is very expressive but simple. I think the colour versions of the characters work as the pattern works well for reinette's dress and i think the colour scheme for both characters are appropriate. I think their also successful because i could see them in that time period.

Here's the droid.

I think i need to think about colours more with the droid as his mask doesn't look right to me. Im not sure whether the droid has turned out as successful as the other characters. I found him quite difficult because he is a droid so he doesn't really have much of a personality apart from the fact that he is supposed to be scary. I do like his character sheet but think i need to improve on the colours i used for him.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


After researching i then went on to look at illustrators to try and find inspiration for a style that i wanted for my work. I got an illustration book over the holidays which has some really great images and i then took their names and searched them on the internet to get more of their work.

I enjoyed looking at different illustrators as some their work is amazing and really inspired me and got me really interested and helped me get an idea of what style that i wanted. The reason i picked out these illustrators in particular was because i first looked at Miki Amanos work and she uses a lot of patterns in her work and that made me think of all the patterns in the palace of versailles. I liked her use of flat colours as well as using patterns which makes the patterned areas stand out more. I also really liked the pen like outlining to the image as well as it makes it feel like a drawing as well as a digital image. I then went on to try and find illustrators that used the same kind of style. Christian Barthold images i really liked as well and liked his line work in his images like where he adds swirls to the image and how he only colours part of the image not all. Finn Campbell-Notman's image i like because the style of it is a bit more old fashioned which i think would work for the script and again he uses the sketchy outline. I wanted a kind of contrast in my design but still work together as i wanted the spaceship, doctor and assitant to be more modern in style whereas at the place of versailles, rennette and the droid i'd like to be old fashioned. Which is why i looked at some illustrations done by delicatessen who doesn't use outline and just uses flat colour though im not sure whether this style would blend well with the other so would have to experiment. And Oliver Kugler who uses the outline that the others used but it looks more comic booky in style.

From looking at these illustrators im going to take aspects of their styles in particular using patterns, flat colour and an outline on top to make it look like a drawing. i think this style would work both ways looking modern and old fashioned.

I looked at tapestrys, fabrics and patterns of that time period to help me with my design.

I also thought about colours that i would use in my design i wanted the spaceship to be very luminous in colour and the palace to be more browns and golds and rich colours but to be more toned down compared to the spaceship.

Pre Production Project: Research

To do the research for this project i worked with jenny, leki and harriet. We gave each person something to look at in each script i had props for titanic, props for pompeii, costume for palace of versailles, architecture for shakespeare and landscape for the chino planet script. We also drew out thumbnails for the scripts to show how we think it would look and be staged, i drew out the thumnails for the palace of versailles. To start off with i read through each of the scripts to get a feel of what was happening in them and noted down anything that i needed to research. I found that i enjoyed researching some scripts more than others and think that was because i found that time period or location more interesting. I really liked researching the costumes for the palace of versailles because i love the fabrics, patterns and styles at that time and they are very classy. When we put all the images that everyone else got as well i found that again i was more interested in the palace of versailles. It is very decorative and there are patterns everywhere which i really liked and decided that i was going to use this script.