Monday, 1 June 2009

Final Animation

I really like how this animation has turned out and like the style that we have created. I think Harriet did a great job at lip syncing Winnie and the character really suits her voice. I still think that the ending feels too chopped off and would have been better if we slowly faded it to black but other that that i think the animation works smoothly. Though some scenes seem too quick because of the time that was given for them. I think the animation is very consistent in its style even though it was different people drawing over different scenes which i am pleased with.

If i could make this animation again i think i would focus a bit more on the movements of the characters because at some points they are very rigid. Also when the colour scheme changes to sepia tone we could have added and old film grain effect to it to make it look even more old fashioned. And we could have looked more into how much time we would use for each scene as some seem too short and chopped.