Sunday, 22 February 2009

G.O.D my first animation!!! =O

Was looking through some of my old work and thought i'd add my animation that i did for my fmp for fun. While watching it the first thing i thought was how bad XD. but i was very proud of it when i made it and had no experience whatsoever. I would like to go back to this idea at some point =) as i did really enjoy it and it could be improved A LOT!! now that i know more. And the sound was very rushed at the end but i do still love the music in the background. This animation still makes me laugh! probrably more now as it looks so bad.

Back to real work =)

This week it was my group to be on duty for live at 5 and i was very surprised at how easy it was in the end after panicking about it 0.0 We finished our work very quickly and i think our group worked very well together. I worked on producing the idents which were surprisingly easy as all you had to was type the name in that they wanted then render and Voila!! Though i was a bit paranoid on whether i got the spelling right and had to re check. I then worked on putting the scores on the sports scoreboard that i had already produced, which taught me how to animate text and make it flip down the board which isn't hard but still usefull. When it came to actually watching it the first thing that popped in my mind was thank god i didn't choose to be a news reporter it looked very stressful =S but it was interesting to watch. I think this would have been more interesting and stressful if we had to produce everything on the day such as title sequence, idents, sports and weather sequences instead of just adding to them. But think that would have been too much =S. Overall i think it went well and worked well with the journalists as they seemed happy with what we gave them.

ChewTv Ident project!!!

We started our new project this week which is to create a tv ident for chewtv. As i was listening i thought of lots of ideas in my head the only problem is how i would fit those ideas in the short space of time. I am really excited about this project as i think i will really enjoy it.

And last thing i passed my essay!!! yaaaaaay! i agreed with all the comments Ann made and think i will improve on my next piece of work =)

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

week 4/5

Snoooooow Day!!! we did attempt at making a snowman of mickey but gave up and ended up having snowball fight!

Essay finished this week too yay! I did actually end up enjoying writing my essay in the end even though had slight panic attack when first heard about it, but it ended up being quite interesting. Think it went alright, though i really want to know my mark =S

In Modeling we finished off with learning about how to use lighting which when we started i found easy but again steadily became complicated. Also i made and finished my room.

This is a sketch of what my room is going to look like. I want it to look like it is at nightime.

This is what the model of the room looked like before i started adding the lighting and textures. I thought the duvet on the bed could have been improved to make it look smoother but thought it had a quilted effect so i left it.

I then started adding textures to my room. I started with using rainbow colours on the bed and rug to go along with the childrens style room but then decided the colours were too busy and changed it.

This is what the finished room looks like. I decided to use blue colours instead as it didn't look so busy. I tried to keep it simple as well and not use complicated textures. I think the window looks really effective and i love how the light is coming from the moon (though looks more like a sun in some ways because of the colour) I think the lighting worked well in this room however i didn't feel i got the shadows right. Overall i think my room went well however i think i could have improved it if i had more time.

Also we handed in our environment project. The last environment we had to create was an outdoors coloured environment and i decided to use a monochrome palet and just use shades of blues. Again i decided to create it digitally as i really want to improve my skills.

This is the drawn version of my environment.

This is the coloured version. I think this background works better than the previous as you can't see all the sketchy outlines and i blended the shapes and colours more. I really like how this image turned out though im still not sure wether i got the lighting right.

Week 3

This week we textured an elephant (which reminded me a lot of a heffalump =D) which i found at points really complicated but got the hang of it after a while and found it really interesting =D

Environment Project
Our next environment had to be indoors and it had to have one light source it also had to be created in colour. I decided to make mine digitally as i really wanted to try it out.

This is the drawing of my indoor room which i scanned into the computer. My idea was to try and create a fairy style room. So i made it look very swirly and added flowers and things from nature into the room.

This is the digital coloured version of it. I think this worked alright though think i could have done better with more practise. The window in the image doesn't look right as it looks flat and then realised that i should have added shadow to that wall so did another version.

After adding that it did look a bit better but i still think that it could be improved with more practise.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Week 2 back in Falmouth

The essay i think i have sorted out now as i have decided that i am going to argue that CGI animation has forgotten what animation is about. That CGI feature films are now focusing on trying to be like live action films than being an art form where you can animate anything and everything.

Our next modeling lesson we learned about the hypershade tools and at the end we made a playmobil toy box. I did enjoy this as i liked making an object that didn't just look plain grey and boring though can't wait to move onto something more complex =D though i am starting to have troubles remembering where all the menus are!

On wednesday it was after effects day!! and at the start i was kinda worried whether we would have anything to show at the end of the day but we did it!!! I think our group worked pretty well together and everyone had something to do so no one was left out. I really enjoyed doing the sports thingy and thought it looked really cool when i was finished and i was pleased with my self for the little experience i had using the software.

Thursday i showed Kathy my first background design

These were the ideas i had for my background design.

This is the background design that i ended up choosing. I think it worked alright though to me the trees look odd (find it very difficult to draw trees.) i do like the flower being in the foreground because it leads your eye through the picture. Also the shape of the river makes you look at the whole picture and not just part of it.

For the next background design i am going to try and create it digitally

Back home in falmouth =D

Back in falmouth yaaaaay!!!!

In the first week we started modeling!! this week we only looked at the basics and i have a feeling i am going to have to practise making models a lot to remember where all the menus and buttons are. Though the first week was pretty easy as we learnt about the polygon shapes and at the end of it we were told to make an object i made a bottle (because it was the first thing i saw =D) and was pretty pleased with my outcome though think i need practise. Also had more time and made a random bunny/ odd shaped thing that didn't really resemble anything in the end =D.

Wednesday started with a bang as i thought it was just going to be lessons on how to use Aftereffects. But it was a lot more than that as we got told we were gunna be put into groups and have to produce a title sequence, weather map, sports bit =D, and a name thingy (couldn't remember what they called it) by next wednesday. Which was kinda mind blowing for me as i hadn't even used the software ever before!!! We did a tutorial in after effects after that and when doing this i saw that maybe it wouldn't be so hard (possibly) and my outcome was gd untill really irritatingly the whole thing crashed and lost my work even though saved it a million times!! grrrr! though it has taught me a lesson to always save a back up =)

Thursday we were given a brief for our next project where we have to design 3 background designs. Which i was excited about till i started drawing when i realised i cannot draw landscapes very well as i've always drawn people, animals or characters. So i am finding this difficult but enjoyable =)

On top of this we also have to write a 2500 word essay, which did surprise me because i thought it would be shorter but once i start it i think i'll be fine (i hope) and i've decided to do the question on CGI realism because it interested me the most.