Thursday, 14 October 2010

Animating Jumping (more like flying) dude

As a break today from pitch work i decided to animate dee dude jumping from a wall. However looks like he is more floating up into the air and there are loads of other issues but practise makes perfect felt good to be animating again =D and will be posting more random animations that i do soon. And now back to work that im supposed to be doing =D.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Visitor Characters

These are my characters Ernie, His sister Iris, Poppy the newspaper girl and Sam the post man. I also added sams original sketch with all his protective gear as i liked this picture =D and the new sam is a bit dull but he won't be in it for long.

3rd Year

Its now the start of the 3rd year!!! eek! and i have been working on my pitch idea which is a short animation called "The Visitor" I decided not to continue on with my Grim Holiday idea as there were too many holes in the story and i wasn't entirely sure how to overcome them. So on to my new idea at first the story was:

Ernie is a war veteran who has become a bit of a prankster in his old age and now his front garden is a war zone for anyone that crosses. However this may not be for one particular "Visitor" as his sister Iris comes to pay a visit with her beloved FAMILY ALBUM. Ernie's worst nightmare!!! Seeing his life flash before his eyes Ernie does whatever possible to stop this "Visitor."

With this idea everyone that visited Ernie's house was caught by a trap so first the newspaper girl is skipping down the street setting a happy atmosphere but then gets caught by a rope hanging from a tree. Then comes the post man who is more prepared wearing a bullet proof vest, a hockey helmet, knee and elbow pads. He creeps towards the house only to be scared by the sound of gunshots (Ernie using speakers) and falls flat on the floor cowering. As they stop he gets up brushing himself off and continues to walk up the garden path only to set off another trap. Bear traps come barking out of the dog house chasing him away from the house. Then Iris came and dodges all the traps to end up with one back firing on Ernie and him defeated comes out the house and Iris sits him down and pulls out the family album.

But when i went to talk to Derek he suggested having Ernie as more of a kind character and only having Iris who has to deal with the traps. This way Ernie has more of the sympathy from the audience and Iris is seen as more of a threat. As before Ernie would seem more evil and mean which wasn't my intention. Also it gives it more of a story. So with this idea the story is:

Ernie is a kind old war veteran living on a welcoming cheery neighbourhood street. However Ernie is not so welcoming when he receives a letter from his sister Iris. In a panic Ernie puts on his old army jacket and beret storming into action setting up traps in his front garden to stop Iris. Awaiting Iris's arrival sitting at his control panel (which sets off the traps) it looks like a victory for Ernie as she gets pulled up by a rope swinging from the tree with what looks like no way of escaping. Unfortunately Iris is always prepared for every eventuality keeping all important items in her trusty handbag. She pulls out some gardening shears and sets herself free. As Ernie grows more anxious Iris avoids every obstacle in her way with ease. Ernie staring in horror sets off his final trap. Guns in the bushes start firing tennis balls at Iris but being the resourceful old lady she is pulls out a tennis racket and wards off any oncoming danger. Unfortunately for Ernie one of the tennis balls is directed at his control panel and ends up with Ernie getting electrocuted. Ernie opens the front door looking defeated and a mess. Iris excited pulls him to sit at the porch bench and Ernie's fears become true as she pulls out the FAMILY ALBUM!!!!

I have also thought of some trap ideas that Iris would encounter.

  • Garden Gnomes with bow and arrows/ spins and deflects with handbag
  • hose pipe moves like snake and attempts to force her away with water/ gets out umbrella.
  • Speakers "Gunshots" (to scare away)/ hearing aid not working and by the time its fixed speakers stopped.
  • Paving slab falls creating large hole/ pulls out rope ladder balances across.
  • bear traps come biting out of dog house/ throws a steak for them

I also had a thought as im typing this haha which is with my ending as i don't think its very good at the moment. I thought that it could fade to black and says "24 hours later" (or longer) as she's showing him the photo album then either:

  • Death comes and wheels Ernie away in a wheel barrow
  • a grave has replaced Ernie with cause of death: "Death by boredom" (a long those lines but funnier)
  • Or something else will have to keep thinking on that one.

For this project obviously i would need A LOT more help with:

  • Modeling
  • Animating
  • Lighting
  • Post Production: Sound

And probably other jobs that i am forgetting. Jenny has said she will be my producer yay which is good as she's amazingly good at organizing things. And if my idea went through she said she would help with animating. For the moment i am aiming to get all my pre production done for the PITCH!!! Ahhhh!!

If my idea doesn't go through i would love to do any 3d animation on any other project as this is what i want to do when i leave.

Hopefully i will be posting up some short animations that i am going to do for my show reel at some point as unfortunately i didn't get any done over the summer (bad lucy!!)