Thursday, 28 May 2009

Hayle Project Production

Now onto the production of our project. The first thing we did was create the character models which me and Jenny were incharge of and the props which were created by Harriet and Leki. The models i made were the mother in law and winnnie when she was younger.

We made the models simple in maya as we were going to draw over them anyways and what the most important thing was that the models moved correctly. When making these models it was the first time that i had tried to model human faces which i found a challenge. However it didn't really matter what they looked like in these models as they are only a guide to show where everything is. The other issue with these models was getting the weighting right and making sure they move properly when they walk. This was hard with the mother in law as she is very chunky and round and has little legs so in the end when we animated her she looked more like she is waddling but i think this adds to her character and makes her movement slightly comicla which i think works. Winnie was also hard as her dress didn't move with her legs so had to make that work and she has the opposite problem compared to the mother in law as she is very tall and skinny and as we used simple skeletons for the models her walk looked a bit stiff but i think it will look better when the animation has been drawn over.

These are the models that Jenny created. She only modeled the front of the old winnie character as that is all that you see in the animation. She only needed to add joints to the arms and the head of the model as they are the only parts that needed to move. The husband was very basically modeled also but their movements work correctly.

Im incharge of animating the walking into woolworths, inside the cafe and the cash register. Jenny is incharge of animating Winnie in her living room, the butter buns and the hugging scene. The walking into woolworths is going to be the hardest to animate and i don't think it will look right because it is such a short space of time for them to walk in and it may look rushed so im going to animate them walking towards it instead of entering. For the inside of the cafe we wanted the mother in law to struggle to get up on the stool to make it a bit funny, which will be a challenge to animate as she is very chunky as a model but i think it will work.

After this its on to drawing over the 3d frames!!!!!!!

I drew over the walking to woolworths scene which was a challenge and i soon discovered that it was going to take longer than i expected but got it finished =). I did like the look of it when i was done though it was a very tedious technique, however their movement to woolworths is very quick which i should have changed in the 3d animation. I also worked on the cash register scene getting the buttons to move with the 3d images and adding the numbers which i did on after effects. And i helped with the final touches where backgrounds needed adding and where things went wrong. We were going to have the background moving as well like the rest of the animation however after i put the background on the walking to woolworths scene we decided against it as it looked too busy and i think it looks better being still with the animation moving.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Hayle Project

For this project i am working with Harriet, Jenny and Leki and we are working on the winnie's woolworths wedding sound clip. We chose this sound clip as we found it funny and also a little sad at the same time and we could all see how this clip could work as an animation. We assigned Harriet as the Director and me as the Producer and so far our group has worked well together and we have had no problems. We also assigned pre-production to jenny and leki, production to me and post production to harriet however everyone will be working on everything anyways.

Before we started working we went on a trip to Penzance to see what the woolworths there looked like and where it was in the area and also to see what the surrounding area looked like.

Together we decided after seeing The Pearce Sisters in class we really liked their style of having 2d ontop of 3d and would like to recreate it with our own animation.

For the pitch that we showed to the rest of the class we got together and designed the concept work, storyboard, character, environments and some test animation. We all worked together to get the rough look of the storyboard. Leki then went and researched the fashion and how everything looked at that time period and then harriet designed the characters and made the final storyboard and animatic.

This is Leki's research. She looked for images of fashion in the 1940s and how cafes looked in this time period. She also looked for images that we were gunna use for props in our animation. This helped us to have an idea of the look of this animation.

These are Harriet's character designs.

I think she designed the characters very well as the whole group agreed that this was how we wanted the characters to look. The winnie character i think was designed really well as she looks like a very friendly old lady which is how i imagined her to be. We wanted the mother in law to be slightly more comical compared to the other characters which i think she pulled of with her design without making her look odd or unnatural. The younger winnie and the husband work well together as well as i can see them as a couple.

We also added a scratch track to the animatic which we recorded ourselves. I really enjoyed recording the sounds and found it really fun as it was the first time i tried recording with the equipment we are now allowed to hire out. Though as it was the first time i recorded the sounds when we put them on the computer they were very quiet, which i didn't realise when i was listening on the headphones. This is helpful for the next time i record sound as i will look out for this. However harriet was able to make the sounds louder and they sounded good with the animatic when finished.

Jenny was incharge of designing how the environments were going to look. And i was incharge of making some test animations of what style we wanted.

These are jenny's environment designs. The woolworths environment was based on the image we took in penzance but with the oldfashioned sign on the front of the building. The living room design i think works well as i think it looks like somewhere an old lady would live and it looks very welcoming which i think works for Winnie's character.

I also worked on some concept work. I experimented with drawing over photographs on photoshop to try and get the effect that we wanted for our animation and tried out different colours schemes and filters. I think the sepia tones work better than the black and white images. I like the effect the poster edges filter had on the photographs though think it is too realistic for the style we wanted. It was also the first time i had tried using a pen tablet which showed me that i need alot of practise as i find it very hard to make smooth round edges, i can do straight lines just not diagonal =/ but really want to improve. I think the bottom right images worked the best in the sepia tones as i like the block colour and it looks simple yet effective.

This is the concept work that Leki worked on. She focused on what the cafe would look like when they got inside and different arrangements of Winnie's living room. Also on what Winnie's chair would look like and what the stools in the cafe were going to be like.

I made two tests one with a simple box revolving in the colour scheme that we wanted. I also wanted to experiment with the style on a moving character though we had no models completed at this point so i experimented with using it on my ident character for the time being though we will need to do tests on the actual characters when they are modeled. From doing these tests i discovered that it will be time consuming when we draw over the actual animation. However we all seem enthusiastic and prepared for this anyways so i don't think there will be any problems.

This is the box test as the other test doesn't want to upload for some reason =/.

I think the animatic has worked really well and shows what we want to create clearly. However i think the ending feels a bit chopped off which i think we need to improve.

Final Storyboard

This is my final storyboard. I was slightly disappointed with the finished outcome as i was running out of time towards the end of making this as it took longer than i expected making it in illustrator and some of the images look rushed. Also the characters look slightly different in each of the frames as it was rushed, such as eyes are bigger or they look wider than they should. I do think the style works however for my idea as it is very bright, cheerful and cartoon like which works for the mood of the story. I would have improved this by spending more time on how the characters look in the images and make sure they look similar and consistent throughout the storyboard. I would also add more interesting camera angles to it as at points they get slightly repetitive. Overall i am happy with the style though think i could have improved it with more time.

Storyboard development

I then went on to bullet point what shots i wanted in my storyboard and then made some rough thumbnails. From drawing the thumbnails i found that i will need to cut down on some of the frames as it seems a bit long so i cut out some of the close ups and the ice cream man turns to get an ice cream gun as i didn't think these were needed.

Storyboard development

I then went on to drawing the characters that i would use for my storyboard.

The characters that i ended up with i created in illustrator as that is what i wanted the style of my storyboard to look like: Block colour and cartoony in style. I like my final ice cream man character as i think he looks slightly evil though he looks a bit too chef like for what i wanted but i think he is the best character out of the ideas i had. The kid i had more troubles with designing as to begin with he was looking very manga ish? in style as i was trying to make him look cute and innocent. I think my next ideas that i drew for the kid character worked better and the one that i chose i think worked the best as he looks michevious, though i would have liked him to look more innocent.

Storyboard Project

I started off by thinking of some ideas that i could use as a story for this project. I found it quite hard to think of ideas off the top of my head as you could do anything you wanted and there were no restrictons at all for it.

My Favorite idea was the Ice cream war as i found it the funniest when i was thinking of it and i could imagine how it would look in style as well. I could see the storyboard for this idea being brightly coloured and in a cartoony style. The other ideas i couldn't really see working apart from possibly the storytelling idea though needed improvement in the story and think their would be too many frames in the storyboard to make.