Monday, 31 May 2010

Negotiated Brief

okay haven't blogged in a while opps!! and my whole plan of being extremely organized has completely gone out the window so haven't updated. But heres the update on my negotiated brief.

To start off with i thought about some ideas for an animation that i could create backgrounds for .

I chose to use the idea about the little people that lives in the forest. The girl gets bullied for having no friends and goes off to explore the woods only to discover a dragon (who's friendly) and they play together the only thing about the dragon is that he turns invisble when scared or shy so when the girl goes back to her village to show the bullies her new friend they can't see him (shy) and the girl ends up running into the woods alone crying. The dragon tries to cheer her up but she ignores him and the dragon upset wonders off alone. The next day the girl wakes up to find a big monster, running from the monster back to her village she finds that its under attack by the other monsters. All the villagers are huddled together scared and the girl goes to join them standing infront of them wanting to protect everyone. Unfortunately everyone is too little to do anything. But then her dragon friend and his friends come to save the day and scare of the monsters. The dragon then reunites with the little girl and introduces her to his friends. The bullies then push past the girl to get a closer look at the dragons but they all protect the girl and roar at the bullies scaring them off. The girl and the dragons leave laughing and happy.

Its only a basic story but it has given me something to work on to produce the backgrounds for my brief. The reason i chose this story was because i thought it would give some interesting angles and compositions as it will be from the little people's perspective so everything will be large in comparison. I also like to draw nature so it will be enjoyable.

I then looked at some images created by other artists to inspire me.

I then thumbnailed my idea to work out what backgrounds i am going to create.

I then gathered some reference images together by taking pictures from the backgarden. My bonzai tree also came into use as it is like a minature tree and has some really interesting shapes to it. After this i produced some sketches of ideas and experimented with water colours. I also attended a lesson that kathy organised about how to paint with watercolours and also spoke briefly on acrylics. Which was very useful and got some very good tips. However i do still have the habit of overworking watercolour so need to practise a bit. I do have fun painting as its not a medium i've ever really used and i like how it doesn't have to be perfectly neat. I would deffinately like to work in this medium more often though i think i need to improve quite a bit. I did try using watercolour pencils as well with the last image however didn't find it very easy to use.