Thursday, 28 April 2011

shots so far and adjusted shots

So the shots that just contain sally are now animated and its exciting seeing it gradually coming together. As me and jenny have been animating we have been asking for each others feedback and its really useful as sometimes you do not notice things and need a second opinion. Hopefully as well i've been doing a good job so far as animation director trying to keep both of are animations similar in style so sallys personality will come across in the final animation.

I did find animating shot 14 difficult as i found it hard to think of how sally would react to the key falling and make it interesting and funny. My first attempt was too dull and you didn't see enough of sally's reaction or expression. So with the second attempt I changed the camera to be closer to sally to show her expression more clearly. the second attempt at her movements in this shot i think work a lot better as well as her movements are clearer.

We then went on to adjusting shots

For this shot the bounce of the wooden circle needed to be adjusted as the last bounce didn't work as it looked like the second bounce was more powerful when it should be less.

after getting feedback from Andy and Derek i adjusted these 2 sally shots the first needed to be snappier as they felt it was to slow and feel this shot works better in comparison. The second needed sally's pose when she puts her leg in the air to be clearer so help this pose for longer.

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